Hope Theological College (HTC) is a training unit of Hope Ministries, established on the principle of “Teach Faithful Men & Women who will teach others…” based on 2 Timothy 2:2. This vision came first to Rev. Haokip in 1992 when he realized that many churches do not have biblically & theologically trained leader(s) in their local churches and mission organizations. His passion and vision became a reality in 2006.
During the past 12 years the Lord has enabled HTC to train a few hundreds of committed and godly people from India and neighbouring countries who are today serving the Lord as pastors, evangelists, directors for Christian organizations, lecturers for seminaries, missionaries, bible translators, women and youth leaders, directors for Sunday schools for large churches, etc. Some of the ex-students have started ministries on their own e.g. schools for underprivileged,  orphanages and counselling centres in India, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Mission of HTC:
The Mission of HTC is to glorify God by equipping godly “servant-leaders” for the salvation of people and the growth of churches. The mission activity encompasses the following:

    • Providing discipleship and leadership and skill building for effective evangelism
    • Providing theological and biblical training for lay leaders of churches for handling the Word of God appropriately
    • Training young men and women who are committed to train others thereby making a  difference for Christ
    • Providing training and conducting workshops, seminars, and providing volunteering & internship opportunities for local leaders
    • Assisting churches to become self-sufficient, self-governing, & self-propagating

We are committed to carrying out our above stated Missions in two ways:
On Campus Training:

At our campus in Bangalore we offer Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) and Master of Divinity (M.Div) Degrees. As mentioned above, the college was started in 2006. During the past 12 years, HTC has imparted sound biblical training and education to a few hundreds who are serving the Lord according to their vocation / calling. The management of HTC is confident that education at HTC will not only be a tool for each individual’s calling, but that it will greatly shape their lives and be a treasure for their souls and a guide for their Christian outlook.

Off Campus Training:

The management of HTC realized that the need was so great that they could not limit the education provided to on campus training alone. HTC therefore started to outsource God’s resources to likeminded churches in every way possible. Accordingly, HTC provides both manpower and financial support for leadership seminars, and in some cases only financial support to organizations or bodies that have the same interest in training. HTC also connects church organizations to a particular body that will implement the strategy for growth of the local church.

In both on campus and off campus training, HTC’s goal is to equip pastors, missionaries, evangelists and Christian workers with sound biblically and theological correct teaching so that the Word of God may spread accurately and faster across the world.


Christ Centered:

We affirm the ancient proclamation, “Christ is Lord.” We seek to honor Him in everything we do.

Biblically based:

We are dedicated to a biblically based education that enables students to integrate faith and practice. We treasure the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and are devoted to correctly handling the truth.

 Global strategy:

We covenant to train spiritual leaders who will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the entire world. Evangelism and missions are the heartbeat of our seminary. Our strategy includes the training of persons from every national, ethnic and cultural background for a variety of ministries.

Supportive of Churches:

We value the church as God’s primary strategy for reaching the world. Our goal is to help churches become all that God intends them to be. We expect students, faculty and staff to be active participants in the life of the local church and we want our students to appreciate the life and heritage of our denomination.


Godly Character:

We believe the basis of true leadership is character. We are consecrated to a life of spiritual growth and moral integrity. Christian values such as obedience, faithfulness, perseverance, service and humility are shared and modeled by faculty, staff and students.

Loving Relationships:

 We believe relationships are essential for spiritual growth and effective ministry. We are committed to a community of faith in which mutually supportive relationships exist among students and faculty. We desire to model servant leadership that communicates love and compassion to all people.

Professional Excellence:

God’s call to ministry is worthy of our best. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and writing. We seek to provide the environment as well as the encouragement to enable students to discover and utilize their spiritual gifts. We expect students to perform with excellence in their studies and fields of ministry. We want our students to be known for personal discipline and innovation in ministering to a changing world.

Lifelong Learning:

 We believe ministerial training is a lifelong process. We are committed to providing learning experiences for ministers to update their skills.

 Family Focused:

We affirm that the family, as the first divinely ordained institution in society, is both honored and sacred. The family is the primary arena for spiritual growth: it is within the family that we learn of morality and values such as truth, gratitude, courage, forgiveness and sacrifice. And it is in the family that we first learn the appropriate way of relating to God and to humans, who are created in His image.

Our Mission Purpose

 To prepare our students for world evangelization, church planting and for taking care of His churches till the ‘second coming’ of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

Rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15, KJV)

Vision Statement

Making Disciples for Christ of All Nations (Mt. 28:19)

Special Features

  • Bible Centered Curriculum
  • Course majored in Bible Exposition and biblical languages,Theology & ministries / Missions
  • Special focus on local Church’s Ministry
  • Well qualified and committed faculty from  national and international
  • Affordable Education, Partial Scholarship for deserving student’s
  • Separate furnish Dormitory for Boys and Girls

Our Faculty


Rev. Seikhojang Haokip, President

M.Th. - Asian Christian Academy (ACA) Hosur

Academic Dean cum Registrar

Mr. Lungoumang Chongloi,

M.Th. - South Indian Baptist Bible College & Semanary (SIBBC&S) Coimbatore

Student Dean

Mr. M. Chihanngam,

M.Th. Tabernacle Baptist Bible College (TBBC), Bangalore

Girls Metron cum Liberian

Miss Kimrose Chongloi,

M.Div. Hope Theological College (HTC)


Pastor Timothy

M.Th. Tabernacle Baptist Bible College, ( TBBC )Bangalore


Mr. Ngahor Tangvah

M.Th. , Asian Christian Academy (ACA) Hosur


Mr. Henkholen Lhouvum

M.Div. Hope Theological College (HTC) Bangalore









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    Bangalore - 560077.
  • +91 9902933690
  • Sr.Pastor S.Obed Haokip
  • obedhaokip68@gmail.com


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